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November 11, 2010:
Added the Facebook like button and a personalized greeting to get some experience on social network integration.

August 12, 2010:
Added some web site designs that might be of interest for you in case you decide to create your own web presence.

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ill title WELCOME

Thank you for visiting Here you'll get some basic ideas on how to design your own web presence. You'll find different sample layouts for business web sites or photo galleries as well as some generic page layouts.

The page is not really about the Mustang or its color legend lime. If you are interested in legend lime Mustangs I recommend the Legend Lime Registry. After all I was just looking for a topic to build some design elements on.

Have fun looking at the layouts and feel free to contact me if you have found something that might be of interest for you... and no, I don't intend to sell the car.

Thomas Kautenburger